Energy Conservation Tips

Most homeowners are always looking for ways to reduce home energy costs. This is because energy use can be quite costly. Fortunately, there are many ways that a homeowner can reduce this without it costing them an arm and a leg. This article outlines some of the best tips that you can do around the house to reduce energy use while staying comfortable.

Cooling Tips:

how-to-stay-cool-in-the-summerWhen the summer heat comes, seeking comfort indoors in the cooled air is something that we all appreciate. However, as a homeowner, it never is quite comforting when the electric bill comes once a month. Below are some useful tips that you can follow to reduce your energy use and lower your electric bill:

  • Don’t let the sun in! You can do this by using shades, blinds, and curtains. If you are outside, you can use retractable awnings. A nice shade tree can really make a difference on your electric bill.
  • Use insulation in your walls. You can have injected foam insulation put into your walls. This keeps the hot air out and the cool air in the during the summertime.
  • Get your AC serviced. An air conditioning unit that has been tuned up and serviced will run more efficiently. An AC unit that is not serviced will not run as efficiently which causes your AC to require more energy in order for it to run. This translate into higher electric bills.
  • Allow the air to circulate. Be sure to open the doors inside of your home so that the cool air can flow from one room to another. Air circulation is a key element to reducing energy use during the summer and even the winter time.
  • You can conserve energy by repairing leaky ducts. You may be able to qualify for a rebate towards repairs.
  • Be sure to insulate your attic. The insulation that is in your attic should be R-30. Also, you can seal any leaks that are in your attic.
  • Be sure to check for any leaks that your house may have. Leaks tend to happen in your fireplace, your exterior doors, and windows.
  • Close vents in rooms that are not being used.
  • Use landscape to your advantage. Be sure to plant shade trees that help block the sun from entering your house in the summer.
  • Use your ceiling fans. Any help to promote air circulation will use less electricity because your AC will have to run less. Be sure to run your ceiling fans to counter-clockwise during the summertime and the opposite during the winter (but at a lower setting).
  • Change your AC filters as frequently as needed. This helps your AC unity run more efficiently which uses less energy.
  • You can save on energy costs by adjusting the temperature on your thermostat. In the summer, raise the temp by a few degrees and you will be surprised at what a difference this can make on your electric bill.
  • Get a programmable thermostat. This will help control temperatures when you are away from home or sleeping at night.
  • Install windows that are considered high performance. This will keep energy costs down and it will reduce your electric bill.
  • Use solar window screens or window films. This helps keep the sun out and reduces heat buildup in your home.
  • Replacing your windows to high performance windows will help reduce the AC unit size that you will need. This means that it will be less extensive to upgrade to a new and more efficient unit.
  • Make your AC run less by applying a reflective coating on your roof. By doing this, you will significantly eliminate how much heat enters your home. Also, since heat buildup on your roof tends to degrade your roof due to all of the expanding and contracting, this will make your roof last longer.

Heating Tips:

staying-warm-in-the-winterNo one wants to compromise their comfort during the wintertime because there is nothing worse that feeling cold in your own home. However, home heating costs can be astronomical especially if you are going through a bitter and harsh winter. Below are some great pointers that will keep you comfortable during the winter while reducing your energy consumption:

  • During the winter, it is a good practice to cover any bare floors that you have in your house. You can do this by adding carpeting or rugs since they add to heat retention.
  • Be sure not to turn your heat on full blast. This means that you should raise the temperature in increments.
  • Know your limits. Set your thermostat to a temperate that is comfortable for you and your family but make it practical. Set it as low as possible so that you can conserve energy and reduce heating costs. You can also set it for even lower when you are away or sleeping.
  • Be sure to close your fireplace’s flue and close off your fireplace by installing glass doors to keep the warm air from escaping.
  • Be aware of how much you use your portable heater. Portable heaters are great for warming up a frequently used room but you can really raise your electric bill by running them all the time. Limit your use of portable heaters.
  • Make sure that all of your air vents are free from being blocked by curtains or furniture.
  • Be sure that your heat pump is energy-efficient. If you have a heat pump that is old and outdated, be sure to upgrade it for a new and more efficient one. This will help reduce home heating costs.
  • Be aware of changing out your air filters to ensure optimum efficiency.
  • Use the sun to your advantage. On warmer sunny days, open your blinds or curtains and let the sun warm your house naturally.

If you have any questions on how to improve energy conservation at your home or business, be sure to contact ANEZ HVAC. Our comfort specialists are knowledgeable in how to keep your home or business comfortable while conserving energy. This translates into saving money. Contact us today!