Mini Split Ductless Systems

ductless systemsMini split ductless systems are a hot topic in the HVAC world. This is because many homeowners are starting to realize that these small, energy efficient devices have many benefits in comparison to their conventional counterparts. Although these systems have been in use for quite some time in Europe, they are starting to be more common in the United States. If you haven’t heard of these types of systems, then, more than likely, you have seen them in homes, office buildings, or even restaurants. You probably have seen one without realizing what you are looking at.

Some homeowners use these systems in conjunction with their conventional systems. Usually, these systems can heat or cool a space that your traditional unit cannot properly heat or cool. These are great for rooms that seem to be cold in the winter or hot in the summer. Many homeowners have also used them for spaces that a central heating and cooling system just can’t reach such as a sun room or a room above the garage. Many homeowners can use these for a localized space such as in the above examples or there a whole house systems available. Regardless of how they are used, they provide an extremely energy efficient way of keeping your home comfortable. Below are some of the principle benefits that homeowners and businesses can experience:

1. Ductless Split Systems Offer Convenience

Conventional air systems, like heat pumps and central air, work by forcing conditioned (cooled or heated) air through a network of ducts that run throughout your house. However, ductless systems work by delivering the air to what is labeled as zones. These systems have a small outdoor unit and a few indoor units depending on the type of ductless system. These efficient systems just need to be mounted and require electricity. No duct work is necessary.

These systems go by many different names such as split systems, multi-split systems, or even ductless multi-split systems. Many homeowners have used them to replace energy-consuming window units, space heaters, or baseboard heaters. As mentioned earlier, they are useful in additions to homes, new construction, condos, townhouses, and to improve inconsistent temperatures in specific rooms. They can be installed in home additions, new construction, condominiums and apartments, or to improve temperature control in specific rooms that seem to have temperature issues. They are great to use to cool and heat your whole house or in conjunction with your traditional system as well.

2. The Savings Are Endless

Probably the biggest reason that homeowners have installed a ductless split system is because they have caught on to the fact that the savings accrued from having one are astronomical in comparison to the conventional system. It is nothing new that energy costs that most households use is one of the biggest expenses. In the last few years, the costs of utilities has risen and ductless systems has seemed like a smart and logical solution to these rising costs. The conventional system is inefficient in comparison and they can make your utility bills skyrocket. Since ductless systems are smaller, they use less electricity and the air, which is controlled by the temperature that you set it at, is delivered directly to the room. This makes it more efficient because the temperature controlled air does not have far to travel like their ducted counterparts. Also, since they heat or cool zones, they do not heat or cool rooms that are infrequently used.

Many homeowners also can take advantage of the tax benefits that are associated with the installation of a ductless system. These savings can be state or federal programs that are offered during the year that a installation takes place.

3. Air Quality Is Improved

Many people are aware of the fact that sometimes outdoor air quality can be better than indoor air quality found in many houses. Indoor air quality is sometimes compromised because of a dirty ducted system that has not been cleaned. Even after a ducted system has been professionally cleaned, it is possible that dust and even harmful pollutants, like allergens, can remain in your ducts. Ductless systems have impressive filters that reduce pollutants and bacteria and they have been found to improve air quality.

4. Installation Is A Breeze

A traditional system takes weeks to install and it makes life almost impossible in the meantime. Ductless systems can be installed in one day, depending on the number of units. Furthermore, the installation is not messy or invasive.
These systems run on small pipes that need a three inch hole. It is not necessary to rebuild walls and ceilings like ducted systems require when being installed.

5. Environmental Friendly

ductless split systemsSince ductless systems are extremely energy efficient, using less energy to do the same amount of work that their ducted counterparts use. Ductless systems usually have the Energy Star label which means that they have fulfilled specified standards necessary to be considered energy efficient. Also, since it uses less electricity, it does not drain your bank account.

Another way that ductless systems are environmentally friendly is because of the refrigerant they use. The refrigerant is called R410A. It is known for its zero ozone depletion. This makes a huge difference over time by reducing the impact on the planet.

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