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Home improvement isn’t just about interior space and rooms. As a matter of fact, if you want the makeover to focus on aesthetic improvements, then it means you also should be looking at what you can do outside. One of those places that will benefit from a makeover is your patio. Well, there’s actually no need for expensive improvements. Even simple furniture arrangements, putting in new plants and accessories, and reorganizing will do the trick.

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So let’s talk about those simple ways for you to succeed in your patio makeover project.

From Better Homes and Gardens, it is all about learning those redesign strategies that are doable. It means you should start with ways that you can do and not those that will require you to pay someone else. Take these tips from the post titled “16 Great Patio Ideas.

Reach into Secluded Spaces

Convert underutilized areas in your landscape into welcoming patios by employing handsome furnishings, vibrant fabrics, and beautifully planted containers. Though this area was designed as a designated patio space, patios can be located anywhere you can create a floor from brick, flagstones, wood chips, or gravel.

Keep it Cozy

Everyone needs a solitary spot for sharing quiet conversation with a friend or kicking back with a good book. A few cushy chairs and a table for resting drinks and books is all that is required to create a purposeful patio. But, when you arrange those things in a lushly planted garden and add in a water feature, you’ll create a charmingly cozy nook that you’ll never want to leave.

Create Calm

Patios should be retreats that offer peaceful respite from hectic work weeks and family-tending days. Opt for neutral color palettes, spare furniture arrangements, and plentiful plantings to fashion serene scenes that match your relaxing and entertaining needs. Keep it low-maintenance by selecting weatherproof furniture and fabrics and cultivating a garden from easy-care container plantings.

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Keeping it real and practical is the way to go. Even a small project like patio improvement can turn into a disaster if you don’t come with a plan. For those tips mentioned above, we like the idea of making the area a place for solace and calm. Some of the place in your home are considered high traffic areas, so it would be great to have something where you can sit and relax.

Take these design samples below, which we believe manifest calmness and peace.

(photo credit:
(photo credit:

Furthermore, we came across this article from that offers very specific tips on improving a small patio. See them here, courtesy of “10 Brilliant Ideas for Decorating a Small Patio.”

Opt For a Tiny Table that Pops

Though bright, its size won’t overwhelm your porch. Even with a potted plant, this one has just enough space for your morning tea … or your five ‘o clock sangria.

Plant a Vertical Garden

When you run out of yard space for blooms, look up. These spray-painted cans breathe life into a weathered fence.

Try a Mini Bench

This slim seating fits neatly against any wall. Top it with succulents to add a layer of decoration, and stow them underneath when entertaining a larger crowd.

Do More With Furniture

This blogger turned a work bench into a friendly display for greenery and other knick-knacks. The lower shelf stores firewood out of the way, and the top acts as a buffet during summer potlucks.

Hang Bistro Lights

The warm glow instantly turns a cramped patio into a cozy one. Here, bulbs get an extra cute punch from patterned pennants.

Lay a Patterned Rug

Floor coverings come in many sizes, and help define living spaces. Try this two-toned DIY version (courtesy of masking tape and spray paint), which can break up a small deck into separate “rooms” for eating and lounging.

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We bet you’re now pretty excited to start this interesting home makeover project. The thing is before you read this article, you felt like you had very limited ideas. But that was just because you didn’t know when and how to start. But at this point, you surely have a pretty clear idea on how to proceed.

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