Saving Money When Using Heating Oil System

Oil heating systems are commonly used where gas systems are not available. Oil is stored in large tanks which then flow to the boilers. Just in case you use this system and tired of huge bills then the following tips will help you save money and not regret having installed this system. Being keen is one sure way of detecting that you are losing a lot of money on bills and therefore it is absolutely necessary that you detect this early enough.

heat lossSealing leaks is the most important first step in avoiding paying high bills. Find and plug up leaks with caulking or weather-stripping. Detecting these joints that leak will require that you use incense test. This test involves holding a lit stick where the joints are located and when the smoke wavers then you know that you have a leak. Working windows, curtains and binds when you need extra warmth also helps you avoid unnecessary spending. Open up windows to let sun’s rays in during the day and close at night to give insulation against cold. Placing rolled bath towel across the bottom of leaky doors and windows helps prevent unnecessary heat loss.

Turning down the thermostat is another important way of reducing excessive use of heat. The lower you set your thermostat, the less heat energy you use. One is also advised to put on sweater especially heavy clothing to enable lowering of the thermostat and save on consumption. Installing a programmable thermostat is another sure way of saving money and avoiding excessive consumption of heat energy. The thermostat allows much finer control over where heating is set and turns down when necessary to lower consumption.

Carrying out an energy audit of your home or property is another step in knowing and regulating energy loss. Calling in a Lehigh Valley heating oil service which uses infrared imaging or air-pressure system makes it easier to detect areas where heat is lost frequently. You can also decide to make a step by step walk through your property while looking for leaks and gauging effectiveness of insulation. This can also be accomplished by comparing how fast snow melts in your roof in relation to other neighbors’ roofs.

Well you might be wondering why you are spending a lot and yet you have not seen any leaks. It might be quite necessary that you take a proper look at your vents. Try to keep the vents clean and unobstructed by cleaning them up.  You can also clean them up by vacuum cleaning which blows away the dirt. Sealing off outer rooms by closing vents in rooms that are rarely used also helps you avoid excessive loss of heat energy. The current rise in oil prices is a major headache for most households and planning appropriately is the only way to overcome challenges brought about by it. Instead of covering more costs brought about by these extremes it would be worthwhile considering reducing consumption and avoiding it where necessary for the greater good of the economy.

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