Smart Thermostats

smart thermostatsSmart thermostats are every homeowner’s best friend. This is because they are aware of the fact that smart thermostats will save energy and money. There is a lot of hype around smart technology, smart TVS, smart appliances, even smart watches and some of these devices don’t deserve all of the hype that they are getting. Smart thermostats are here, and they have so many benefits that, more than likely, they are here to stay.

What A Smart Thermostat Does For You

Smart thermostats are essentially a major improvement of programmable thermostats and more. Programmable thermostat allowed you to set a scheduled based on the time and temp. Smart thermostats have a variety of functions that exceed the basic ones that you might be accustomed to with your programmable thermostat. They learn you. In other words, they sense when you are home or when you are not and alter the temperature based on that. They also show you how much energy you are using before you get the electric bill. This allows you to make adjustments. These devices also can adjust the temp. in your home where there is excess humidity. Therefore, these thermostats keep your house even more comfortable while saving you money.

Smart thermostats have the capacity to reset themselves. When Daylight Savings starts or end, your thermostat will reset itself. Also, some models are capable of resetting where there has been a power outage or when the battery has ran out of juice.

Certain brands also have smart thermostats that do not require any programming whatsoever. You just have to keep on loving as you normally would and the thermostat will create a schedule based on that. It will lower the heat when you are not around and it will raise it when it you are home. Some brands take humidity into consideration. As we are aware of, even when you have your temperature set to 70 degrees and the humidity levels are at 100%, your house does not feel very comfortable. The smart thermostat actually takes this into consideration and if you set the temperature to 70, it actually feels like 70 degrees.

Benefits Of Smart Thermostats

benefits of smart thermostatsWho doesn’t want to save money? The beauty of a smart thermostat is that it keeps your house more comfortable while saving you a lot of money. Your heating and cooling costs will be significantly reduced and you will be able to use the savings accrued from your programmable thermostat elsewhere.

  • You can set your temperature when you go away on vacation using your tablet or smart phone.
  • The energy that you are using is displayed on your thermostat in real time.
  •  If there is a temperature change outside, you can heat or cool your house right before you get home.
  •  Your smart thermostat adjusts the temperature when you have been using the oven.
  •  It will tell you how long before it has made the accommodations that you have requested.
  •  Many people simply forget to change the temperature before they leave the house or when they get home. This makes your heating or cooling system have to work hard when it does not need to. This wastes energy and money. A smart thermostat learns your schedule and your preferences and makes the necessary adjustments.
  • You can check temperatures when you are away from home to see what is going on inside your home. You can see when the heat is on and what the temperature is. This is good for people who have to travel frequently or who own a second home.
  • Ease of access allows you to make adjustments when you are coming home early or late from work or in general, have had a schedule change. This ensures that you house is always comfortable when you arrive. You can even be in bed with your smart phone and turn up the heat before you get out of bed.
  • Your smart thermostat communicates with you by sending you emails and making you aware of any changes outside of the norm. Some brands will send you an email if the temperature in your home falls below or above the range that you set it at. Also, you will receive an email if your thermostat was disconnected from its network, such as a power outage.
  • Conserve Energy: The purpose and design of these thermostats is to save money by conserving energy. Your thermostat does this by suggesting the most energy-saving settings. By allowing your thermostat to “suggest” settings and by following them, you could save an amazing amount of money on home comfort costs.
  • Easy To Use: Smart thermostats have screen designs that are modern and extremely easy to use. There are also companion apps that are highly-rated which you will find convenient.
  • Know Your Energy Use: Some brands of programmable thermostats keep track of how much energy you are using and you will be able to access it on a monthly report. If you are interested in finding out how much you ran the AC last month, the report will be able to tell you that. It also can tell you how much energy you used in comparison to other users.

ANEZ HVAC will be able to install a smart thermostat for you and help suggest which brand and model suits your everyday needs. Let us help you conserve energy and save money. Contact us today!